This practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

• Contract drafting and negotiation
• Real Estate aquisition agreements and lease agreements.
• Company incorporation.
• Bylaws amendment.
• Increases and reductions in capital.
• Agreements between partners and Shareholders Agreements.
• Board of Directors and Management Board Secretariats.
• Shareholder meetings.
• Corporate restructuring.
• Corporate transformation.
• Duties and responsibilities of directors.
• Acquisition of all types of private companies, by purchase, merger, spin-off, business unit transfer, contributions or capital increase, etc.
• New investments in any phase of the company’s life.
• Design of outputs for investor structures in Private Equity mode.
• Domestic and cross-border mergers, spin-offs, global assignments of assets and liabilities.

• Merger control and remedies
• Antitrust investigations before government agencies in cases of alleged abuse of dominant position, cartels or other anticompetitive behavior
• Litigation in court cases and appeals
• Antitrust compliance audits
• Draft, review and adjustment of internal policies and codes of conduct
• Antitrust aspects of commercial strategies
• Antitrust training

We specialize in a wide range of matters including:

• Flight permits / flyover permits / air traffic rights.
• GSAs.
• Codeshare agreements.
• Charter / special flights.
• Authorization of commercial services on airlines.
• Leasing of aircraft.
• Financing for aircraft and motors.
• Lease contracts.
• Passenger claims.

Our banking & finance practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:
• Public and private offerings on negotiable instruments and other debt securities.
• Financial trusts, both in public and private offerings.
• Structured finances.
• Loans with and without a guarantee.
• Syndicated loans and guarantee-sharing agreements.
• Ancillary loans.
• National public debt.
• Financing of imports.
• Leasing.
• Public offer and private equity trusts, guarantee trusts.
• Real estate and agribusiness financing.
• Mergers and acquisitions of banks and financial institutions, business unit transfer and transfer financing.
• Restructuring of debts and banks.
• Legal audits.
• Acquisition and securitization of portfolios.
• Issuance of public offer and private-offer negotiable instruments.
• Project bonds.

Our practice acts in bankruptcy, insolvency, in-court and out-of-court settlements for payment with creditors, private, judicial and administrative liquidations, restructuring and private reorganization agreements, whether national or transnational.
We specialize in the following activities:

• Providing comprehensive legal advice adapted to the unique characteristics and needs of each company.
• Adaptation of sales plans according to consumer defense regulations; design and implementation of control and compliance programs in accordance with the topic, such as procedures for attending to claims.
• Consultation on traditional as well as online products and services (review of terms and conditions on websites), legal analysis of advertisements and compliance with the provider’s obligation to provide information.
• Editing of consumer contracts. E-commerce.
• Publicity campaigns, responsibility for products, replacements and defective products.
• Raffles/Prize drawings, contests and commercial promotions.
• Revision and adaptation of guarantees.
• Product labeling, commercialization conditions.
• Product recalls.
• Providers’ responsibilities.
• Consumer defense before any body responsible for Consumer Protection and representation on all types of administrative procedures that fall under Consumer Protection Law.
• Judicial and extrajudicial representation in cases related to consumer defense.
We specialize in the following activities:

• Global Commercial Consultancy.
• Tax planning and support with customs matters.
• Consultation, with a focus on customs origin, import and export permits and classification in line with customs nomenclature.
• Tax Audits and Customs Valuations.
• Diagnosis of company customs status and advice on administrative customs matters.
• Undertaking of binding consultations and financial support in case of possible administrative or judicial disputes.
Our Data Protection practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

• Advice on general aspects of personal data protection: advice on the drafting of privacy policies, database registration with the Data Protection Authority, advice on the drafting of informed consent clauses.
• International transfers and database migration from other countries: advice on the transfer of, or access to, personal data by third parties, requests for authorization from the Data Protection Authority to make transfers between entities in the same group to countries not in accordance with the protection of personal data and registration of codes of conduct.
• Information security: consultancy services regarding security measures that must be adopted in order to comply with applicable regulations, requirements in cases of security breach, and advice to any sectors included under special regulations.
• Electronic Commerce: we offer advice on e-commerce, electronic instruments and websites terms and conditions.
We specialize in the following activities:

• Divorce in all its forms and issues deriving therefrom.
• Probate proceedings and its diverse possible stages; remarks posed to asset inventories; interrogative actions; will amendment or revocation action; actions to reduce inofficious/futile donations; judicial or extrajudicial distribution of goods.
• All issues related to minors, such as custody, visitation, child support, travel authorization, judicial permissions.
• Dissolution and liquidation of the marital partnership with its diverse occurrences, as well as judicial and extrajudicial division of goods.
• All issues related to incapacity, such as judicial declaration of incapacity, judicial permissions, designation of a special caretaker, and accountability.
• Recognition of civil unions/cohabitation in their diverse manifestations, both personal and property-related; dissolution and liquidation.
• Consultation on wills.
We advise in the areas of ​​Fintech, P2P and Blockchain. We have successfully advised companies to register with the Argentine Central Bank as digital wallets and payments service providers, as well as provided them with the required advise conccerning interoperability, open banking and QR code regulations.
We specialize in the following areas:

• Consultancy in the setup of insurance companies.
• Regulatory consultancy for insurers, reinsurers and reinsurance producers in administrative processes.
• Insurance and reinsurance contracts.
• Partnerships/mergers & acquisitions.
• Portfolio transfers.
• Setup of local offices.
• Life insurance, insurance of lines of credit (bank insurance policies, guarantees), liability and damages insurance, maritime insurance, transport insurance.
• Reinsurance litigation.
• Arbitrations and legal actions.
• Out-of-Court claims.

We specialize in the following activities:
• Corporate consultancy: legal opinions; review and negotiation of intellectual property, information technology, and e-commerce contracts.
• Advertising rights, television and film production contracts. Due diligence on assets, intellectual and technological property contracts, and other complex issues.
• Filing and processing of all intellectual property documents, such as:
• Trademarks and patents
• Industrial property: registration of patents, utility models, industrial designs, and plant variety registration.
• Creative content and copyright.
• Electronics and information technology.
• Litigation: alternative dispute resolutions (including arbitrations and mediations) and judicial proceedings, violations of intellectual property rights, annulment proceedings and appeals, precautionary measures and preliminary precautionary measures, and agreement enforcement proceedings in all abovementioned.

Our Litigation practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

• Out of court litigation proceedings
• Injunction measures and judicial proceedings.
• Amparo proceedings.
Our Labor Law practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

• Advice and the interpretation of the Labour Contract Law 20,744, Teleworking laws and regulations.
• Representing businesses and business associations before Wage Councils.
• Negotiation and review of labor contracts, termination agreements, and other documents related to individuals employment relation.
• Labor and social security audits, both in the framework of company purchases (Due Diligence) as well as in the processes of improving compliance with current regulations.
• Creation and modification of compensation practices, such as stock purchasing options, bonus policies, incentive programs and consulting on specific compensation benefits across various departments.
• Reorganization and restructuring, dismissals, voluntary redundancy plans, severance of senior officials, crisis-prevention programs, and negotiations in all areas related to carrying out reorganizations.
• Consulting on areas of occupational health and safety, audits, and design of action plans and protocols.
• Consulting and negotiation in all aspects related to outsourcing of activities.
• Contentious labor issues and dispute resolution, as well as procedures brought before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
• Courses and training on current regulations for our clients’ staff.
• Consultation on matters related to retirement, pensions, social security spending and contributions.
• Migration services: our team specializes in matters related to migration, with vast experience in relocating large groups of employees. Our services focus on assisting in all aspects of relocating the employee and his or her family to our country, including obtaining provisional identification cards, temporary or definitive legal residence, citizenship cards, identification documents, ratification of foreign driving licenses, and assistance in processes before consular departments from the interested party’s country of origin.
Our Tax Law practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

• Holistic/Comprehensive tax consulting.
• Legal advice on national and international operations, including effects of Argentine’s current double-taxation treaties.
• Consulting on obtaining tax benefits for investment and investment promotion plans.
• Tax analysis for mergers and acquisitions, business unit transper, corporate reorganizations, foreign investments and international financial operations.
• Tax assessment and planning for individuals.
• Consulting on “binding judgments” issued by Internal Tax Revenue Office/Tax Authority.
• All instances of tax litigation.