We think globally,
above and beyond

Our firm

We are a firm founded in early 2020 by Sebastián Ferreyra Romea, an international attorney based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We provide top-quality legal and compliance advice in Argentina and in Latin America through our strong international connections.

Our mission & values

We help our clients succeed and accomplish their goals and dreams. No matter how hard these could be, we are always there. We provide the support, time and resources that they need.

We are more than a external service provider. We are a strategic and trustworthy member of our client´s team.
We carefully and actively listen to our client´s projects or concerns, and provide them with thoughtful and sound advice based on experience and pragmatism. We speak clearly and frankly, and deliver our services with utmost integrity and transparency.

Our mindset

We are proactive and embrace challenge and innovation. We work hard and seek constant improvement. We are always in beta mode. We have studied in the best local and international schools, and worked for the best companies.

We know about the interests at stake in every business endeavour. We publish our opinions and thoughts on critical professional topics. We appreciate and collaborate with our colleagues and clients.

About our founder

Mr. Ferreyra Romea is an international attorney at law and compliance specialist. He has extensive experience in all types of legal matters. For several years, he worked in leading law firms and companies in Argentina and abroad, and has been recognised for his leadership by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the Government of the United Kingdom.

His work area focuses on civil and commercial law, advising individuals or companies in the legal structuring of their businesses or in the face of legal conflicts. He has extensive experience in corporate, contractual, antitrust and banking and financial regulations. He has published several articles on his area of expertise, and has been an assistant professor of Private International Law and Civil Law at the University of Buenos Aires.

He is a Lawyer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (Graduated with Honors), Master in Business Law from the Austral University (Scholarship based on Academic Merit, Graduated with Honors) and Master in Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom (LSE) (Scholarship and distinguished with Magna Cum Laude qualification). He is also a compliance specialist certified by the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA). He participates in leadership positions in Volunteering Activities in Argentina and was Founding President of the Competition Law Society at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he currently holds the position of Special Counsel and Ambassador for Latin America.