Monitoring Trustee

Our firm, through an interdisciplinary team specialized in economic matters, competition law and audit processes, offers the service of independent monitoring trustee to assist in complex merger control proceedings regulated under Competition Law 27,442.

We act as independent officials of the parties involved in the transaction under scrutiny, and in strict adherence to the guidelines established by the competition authorities. Our job consists of supervising and ensuring ongoing compliance with the behavioral or structural remedies offered by the companies involved. Our service level meets the standard required under the EU Merger Control regulations and other applicable laws.

Our work consists of, among other issues:

(i) Submit a report that contains a plan that describes how we will monitor compliance with all the obligations that arise from the remedies

(ii) Supervise strict compliance with the obligations assumed by the parties, and report to the authority any breach of said obligations.

(iii) Propose measures to ensure compliance with the remedies.

(iv) Provide the authority with a written report certifying the progress made.

(v) Issue an opinión about the business suitability of potential companies involved in the framework of divestment processes.

(vi) Implement a whistleblowing channel that allows reporting and providing evidence any breach of behavioral or structural remedies.