China and Argentina: Foreign Direct Investment screening regulations in times of COVID-19

China has been showing to the world its brand-new development and economic vitality through Chinese 40-year “Reform and Opening-up” and “One Belt, One Road Initiative”.
When continuously making the process of opening-up further and deeper, China simultaneously releases remarkable economic dividends to the different industries and fields around the world.

In the meantime, in order to make a better balance between potential profits and the cost of compliance, foreign investors are suggested to pay attention to the “red line” of security review system.
Similarly, throughout the years Argentina has shown to the global community that it welcomes foreign direct investments.
In this regard, it is worth noting that Argentina’s foreign investment regulations foresee no security reviews (unless specified otherwise in ad-hoc regulations) and also the country has signed numerous international treaties aimed to immunise foreign investments from political or legal risks and thus provide additional safeguards to foreign investors.