Ferreyra Romea

Remote corporate meetings in Buenos Aires, Argentina

General Resolution IGJ 11/2020 (“RG 11/2020”) enables commercial companies incorporated in the City of Buenos Aires to have their administrative or governing bodies hold “virtual” or “remote” meetings.

It establishes that the by-laws of commercial companies must provide for the possibility of holding “remote” meetings, guaranteeing the following requirements:
(i) free accessibility of all the participants to the meetings;
(ii) possibility of participating in the meeting remotely through platforms that allow the simultaneous transmission of audio and video;
(iii) participation with voice and vote of all the members and of the supervisory body, if applicable;
(iv) that the meeting held in this way be recorded on digital media;
(v) that the representative keep a digital copy of the meeting for 5 years, and keep it available to the member who requests it;
(vi) that the meeting held be transcribed in the corresponding company book, leaving a record of the people who participated and be signed by the company representative.
(vii) that the call clearly informs what the chosen means of communication is and how to access the meeting.